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Italian Chicken Marinade


Yields1 Serving



Best Recipe

The most delicious, juicy chicken you’ll ever taste is now in your home! This Italian Marinated Chicken can be served in so many ways and will surely become your favorite. And that homemade dressing is perfectly paired with everything from vegetables to rice dishes. to just eating solo as an appetizer before dinner time rolls around.

How To Serve This Flavorful Chicken?

You can enjoy it as an entree with some incredible sides. If you’re thinking about something green, I recommend my Spicy Roasted Broccoli or Easy Garlic Green Beans for a starter dish before moving on to other options such as Sautéed Cabbage and Red cabbage if that sounds good!

There are also many different dishes here, like roasted carrots which give veggies much-needed attention while still being simple enough so they won’t take up too much time during the dinner hour (or lunch).

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