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Italian Baked Meatballs


Yields1 Serving



You’ll Love This Easy Recipe!

Dry meatballs are of the past, and homemade marinara sauce is crazy good. It may be hard to get the texture out of an old classic like this, but I’m here with some tips!

Easy Meatball Recipe

Baking meatballs is the best, so you can focus on making a rich and rustic sauce. It’s also easy! Browning in your oven, while simmered, ensures all those juices stay inside – this recipe will be an instant favorite with any in your life.

How To Make Baked Meatballs

Two key elements are crucial to a good meatball recipe: texture and flavor. Baked before being tossed with sauce, they have time for spices like black pepper or allspice along with aromatics such as onion and garlic that give it an authentic taste of Italy without sacrificing freshness! You can even mix up how you season them by using different herbs depending on what’s available in your garden – try parsley instead if summer is overstating itself just yet 🙂

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